Talking Heads

IMG_3195 copyWhy your daring do’ doesn’t say everything about you!

Bold hairstyles like buzz cuts and dyed hair are hard to miss. While few can pull off the trend, some go beyond the surface.

Junior graphic design major Danielle Sartori is well-known on campus for her edgy buzz cut, but her daring choice has a profound history. Danielle has a genetic anxiety disorder that goes by the name trichotillomania – the compulsive urge to pull out your own hair. Despite the disorder, Danielle likes to have her hair buzzed because it “feels fresh, new, and clean.”
She adds, “people know me as the girl with the shaved head, septum ring, and baggy clothes. I don’t like to say [my haircut] defines me, because I still associate it with my trichotillomania, but it’s become part of my personality and style since I’ve had it for so long. It makes me unique.”

Chester Bacon, a senior game design and sociology major minoring in LGBT studies, had long hair growing up and eventually decided “it was too much to deal with” and chopped it off. Since middle school, Chester has dyed his hair 50 times.
“People think that if you color your hair, you’re looking for attention, but I just like to look different. It gets rid of my gender dysphoria to cut my hair and dye it. [My hair] is a part of my personality and artistic self-expression,” Bacon says. “Never be afraid to start dying your hair; you never know until you try.”

Article by Tara Jones

Photo by Adrianna Dreckmann

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