Team Beard

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What your beard says about you.

Written by Audrey Hasse

The most important choice men face on the road to developing their personal style is whether to go clean-shaven or bearded. Team Beard was once a bold position, but facial hair has recently made its way back into the mainstream. Here are a few of the most popular beard styles, should you decide to join Team Beard.


The Subtle Stubble:

It’s five o’clock somewhere. This style’s subtle shadow is the safest route to take, making one look like he’s headed to cocktail hour at any hour. Pair with a crisp outfit and leather furniture.

Seen on: Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, George Clooney


The Heartthrob:

This style is about making a statement all while staying groomed. It’s a red carpet favorite that requires delicate care and upkeep. This style might be less about the facial hair and more about who’s growing it.

Seen on: Jon Hamm, The Ryans (Gosling & Reynolds), Jake Gyllenhaal


The “Is Everything Okay?”

Unkempt. Wild. Disheveled. The fashion element of this style is debatable, but a handful of men have managed to pull it off. Maybe he’s a lumberjack, or maybe he’s just going through something.

Seen on: Joaquin Phoenix, Shia Labeouf, your friend who just got dumped.


The Gandalf:

This style is an accomplishment. There’s a reason this look is only seen on wizards, and it’s because it takes some major sorcery to achieve a beard like this.

Seen on: Gandalf, Dumbledore, Members of ZZ Top


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