The Best Trucking Food In St. Louis


Sarahs_webversionSome of the best foods in St. Louis aren’t just found in brick and mortar restaurants, but roaming the streets in food trucks. Track down these local trucks for a treat.


Completely Sauced is a Creole and Cajun-inspired truck available in the downtown area during weekday lunch hours. The truck is all about sourcing as many local ingredients as possible, giving the truck even more of a St. Louis flair. Completely Sauced’s New Orleans-inspired cuisine includes po’ boys served on crusty French bread, chicken jambalaya, red beans and rice. Their menu includes a few set items and several rotational specialties like crab cakes, étouffée (a spicy Cajun stew) and classic beignets (a donut-like treat). Try their spicy, flavorful jambalaya made with chicken, pork sausage and rice. Served with locally made bread, this dish satisfies any Cajun craving.


Seoul Taco has been serving up delicious Korean barbecue and Mexican-inspired fare since 2011. Seoul Taco offers a small but impactful menu, from their bold twist on tacos, burritos and quesadillas to savory gogi bowls and traditional kimchi. For a spicy bite, try their namesake taco. Choose from bulgogi steak, chicken, spicy pork or tofu as a protein, surrounded by Korean salad mix and Seoul sauce. The sauce is hot, but balanced by the Korean greens and the perfect amount of seasoning. Enhance the flavor even more by squeezing a fresh lime over the mix.


In 2010, Sarah’s Cake Stop became the first cupcake truck in St. Louis. The food truck, which originates from Sarah’s Cake Shop in Chesterfield, has expanded its menu with an assortment of delectable desserts, including cookies and rice crispy treats. For a delicious sugar rush, try a decked out brownie topped with layers of fudgy chocolate. These brownies are covered with peanut butter cups, Oreo cookies or cookie dough, all topped with more chocolate drizzle.

Story byClaire Mueller

Photo by Kristen Pruser

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