The Game of the Party: An Entertainment Showdown


The GAME of the Party
An Entertainment

Planning a party is just a matter of picking the right game, something better than music alone that leaves friends with a story to tell. Vocal games, board games and video games compete to be crowned the ultimate party game.

Story | Taylor Roberson

Photo | Taylor Ringenberg

“Never have I ever been skinny dipping.” Everyone just put down a finger, and it turns out that Jerry isn’t as innocent as everyone thought. Vocal games like “Never Have I Ever” get the whole room sharing stories and dropping their jaws in awe of each others’ experiences. Everyone begins with ten fingers of innocence, but a finger is put down for every activity partaken in.
Vocal games can be incredibly spontaneous, requiring no set up or planning ahead of time. Any number of people can play, although, friends have to be willing to put themselves out there to have a good time.
Other vocal games to consider are “Truth or Dare” and “Name That Song.”

Board games have been a party favorite since the early 1900s. Games like “Monopoly” provide entertainment and healthy competition. Guests will feel young again when they play games they grew up with, but will be more confident with the advanced knowledge and expertise that comes with age.
Unfortunately, the number of players can be limited, and an end may not be in sight. Complications arise if any game pieces are lost, and unlike vocal games, some set up is required. Heaven forbid there isn’t an accountable banker to usher the game forward.
Board games to consider include “Scrabble” and “Clue.”

What’s more fun than watching friends stumble through their favorite songs on “Dance Central 3” for Xbox Kinect? As people attempt to coordinate their bodies to the demanding dance moves, others marvel in astonishment at each others’ talent or lack thereof.
These types of video games require a system, several cords and a large space for moving around. There are numerous opportunities for laughter, but the physical demand may leave some guests out of the action. If the party is bigger than eight, some people may be waiting around for their turn.
Other games to try include “Zumba” and “Rock Band.”

Amp Pick
Anyone can invite people over, but a good game turns it into a party and keeps the whole room involved. Vocal games take the title of ultimate party game from The Ampersand. They are easy to pull off and there’s no telling what will happen.

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