The Nostalgia Era


It’s a form of personal expression. It’s a way to speak your mind without saying a word. It allows you to showcase to the public who you are, while also not letting it define you. Fashion is an ever-changing, universal language that the entire world speaks.

For many cultures, fashion is a societal touchstone, which can be highlighted when thinking about fashion in a generational way. One can observe the zeitgeist of a decade by taking note of that generation’s fashion choices, from the clothes worn, like the free spirit of the 1970s floral patterns, to how hair is styled, like the 1980s perms that were just shouting for somebody to listen.

Until now, fashion has evolved from generation to generation, rarely calling back to previous trends. However, with the dawn of the 2010s style choices came an obsession with nostalgia and an urge to connect with the past. As a result, the path that this generation forges is, at once, a unique and diverse definition of who we are and a reflection of the past that formed us.

From runways to college campuses, style is forming its own voice by becoming a melting pot of various eras as well as different cultures, ethnicities and countries. The 2010s are taking the universal language of fashion and forcing a generational singularity by borrowing from everything, everywhere and anytime in history.

Whether it’s internet accessibility or a love for old movies, the 2010s have taken fashion back in time by conglomerating the best of other generations into our own closet. Our generation’s expression is expressing it allour voice calls onto diversity and acceptance of any fad or trend you’d like to dive back into. Whether this choice of collaborated style is representing just fashion or views and character, it’s safe to say diversity is spoken for.

The ‘10s have become one of the first generations that has stopped rebelling against the style of our elders. We have come to understand that sometimes looking to, talking about and learning from the past is the best way to move forward in an original way.

Story by Macy Salama
Photos by Jenny F. Chan

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