The Rise of Brunch


Where to Get a Good Meal in St. Louis

Brunch is not just a meal, it’s an emerging lifestyle. It has become the premiere weekend meal for the hungover partiersshades covering their eyes while they down a bottomless cup of coffee, swearing they’ll never drink again. It’s the prime meal for the Instagram-obsessed, who see their food through their phone before it ever touches their mouths. Brunch is the meal for college students who can’t bother to roll out of bed before 10 a.m. These three St. Louis restaurants specialize in delectable foods served during that crucial mid-morning time slot.

City Coffeehouse and Crêperie

Savory or sweet, the Creperie has a crepe for any palate. A simple Nutella crepe will more than satisfy any sweet tooth, but be sure to add bananas or strawberries for texture (and to create the appearance that the meal

is somewhat nutritious.) For a saltier option, consider the St. Louis crepe, which is stuffed with grilled chicken, spinach and an artichoke-parmesan cheese filling.

The Boardwalk Café

Right around the corner from campus on Lockwood Avenue, Boardwalk is the most convenient and least expensive option for Webster students. Boardwalk keeps it simple, but the down-home feel of the place and the hearty foods make it a Webster favorite. Sugary-sweet French toast is a classic, but check out the skillets for a fuller, more sophisticated choice.

Half & Half

Half & Half boasts an impressive drink menu, including everything from cold-brew coffee to loose-leaf teas to cocktails and beers for those looking to keep that buzz going. Their menu consists of local, fresh ingredients; vegetarians will dig their veggie hash, and their blueberry pancakes are so good that syrup isn’t necessary to sweeten them.

Story by Allison Klinghammer

Photo by Jenny F. Chan

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