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With options like lava fudge cake, crème brûlée and artisan chocolate truffles, sometimes dessert is treated like a fine art (which I don’t condemn as long as I can consume it.) However, the simplicity of ice cream can get lost in the mix.



Many culinary practices are bringing new handmade twists to the classic dessert that will make you say “Man, I never should have doubted you, ice cream.” These three places are some of the top spots to get amazing ice cream — the cream of the crop, if you will.


The Block


The Block is the closest and most inconspicuous spot to get delectable ice cream. They’re known for the freshest meat in town, but The Block’s handmade ice cream is the unsung hero. With rich flavors like white chocolate banana and creamy cinnamon, this place should be an instant favorite.


The Block also has unconventional flavors like blood red orange  sherbet and chocolate bacon (a true experience). Don’t fear, chocolate bacon might seem scary at first, but after a couple of bites it’s extremely delicious. One can attribute the tastiness of the ice cream to the bacon freshly cut on the butcher’s block in the kitchen.


The Fountain on Locust


The Fountain on Locust’s decor is an art deco daydream. The restaurant is known for their ice cream martinis, which are essentially well-crafted martinis made even better with ice cream. I’ll never say “don’t mess with a good thing” again, because ice cream martinis are proof that sometimes you should.


One of the riskier choices on The Fountain’s menu is the Sundae Gambler. With this option, the soda jerks create a custom surprise sundae for each customer. The Sundae Gambler comes with a warning that there are no refunds.


Clementine’s Naughty and Nice


Clementine’s Naughty and Nice is located in charming Lafayette Square and serves both “nice” non-alcoholic and “naughty” boozy ice cream. All of Clementine’s creations are handmade in small batches at their off-site kitchen, plus all ingredients are organic and hormone-free.


A favorite naughty flavor is maple bourbon with salted and candied pecans. The flavors of each separate ingredient are distinguishable but mix together cohesively.

Story: Emily Klein

Photo: Jeannie Liautaud



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