The Upper Crust


 As long as there’s pizza involved, gaining the freshman 15 would be excusable in my opinion. Pizza elevates every occasion. It naturally draws students to its simple, easy and deliciously cheesy, greasy goodness. If you have a couple of extra dollars burning a hole in your pocket, kick it up a notch with one of these upper-scale pizza joints.



Twin Oak Wood-Fired Pizza and BBQ


This laid back pizzeria has a 4.5 ton wood-fired oven, the largest built in the country.


Twin Oak’s specialty thin crust pizzas aren’t the only food made in their oven; in fact, they cook everything in it except the salads. Even the foods cooked on the barbeque smoker out back are finished off in the giant oven.


Despite the white, sparkle-flecked bar and interesting ceiling design, Twin Oak still possesses a relaxed environment.


Quick tip: on Thursdays from 5-9 people can “putt 4 free pizza.” Get a hole-in-one on the small golf patch inside by the front door and get one of their wood-fired pizzas for free.


Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria


The interior alone is attention-grabbing — as you enter, you walk past a giant black curtain to sit at a wooden table with mismatched chairs and beautiful white light fixtures; very Friends-esque.


If you don’t mind needing a dictionary while reading the menu, this is the place for you. Take a bite and taste fresh mozzarella with a perfect balance of sauce. The small lunch-sized pizzas are surprisingly filling.


Katie’s is not as pretentious as its menu suggests.




The bright, lime green interior accentuates Doughocracy’s fresh ingredients. Walk down the cafeteria-style line and look through the glass at all the possible toppings. You can sample them while you watch the pizza maker put your pie together.


There aren’t any full-sized plates, only a small serving platter the pizza was baked on, so don’t forget to grab a stack of napkins. Half will act as your plate and the rest will help clean up the excess oil.


Since the only size available is a thin medium pizza, one person can easily eat the majority of the pie themselves.

Story: Chelsie Hollis

Photo: Katie Dineen


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