Unwrapping the Disappointment of Online Dating

Imagine that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning to find one of the biggest packages under the tree that has your name on it, just waiting to be opened. Then all of the sudden, it’s revealed that all that was hiding underneath the shimmering paper was a box full of white wool socks. Welcome to the world of online dating.

written by Eric Ramirez

Dating and hooking up with someone online isn’t uncommon. But don’t get those hopes too high, because disappointment may be waiting behind door number one. App users post a picture that showcases how shiny their wrapping paper is, yet fail to mention that the contents beneath might not be as exciting as the wrapping paper itself.

First dates in general can be disappointing, but I feel that when meeting someone you met online for the first time, the expectations are usually different and the disappointment seems to hit harder. Most of the time people on the sites are only looking for sex, and the date seems to be a bit generic and disappointing.

Other apps like Grindr, Tinder and Hot or Not, the dates always seem to go the same way.  Conversation is minimal; you spend most of the time talking yourself up, yet it’s redundant because the answers to questions are already on your profile.  

But that’s what dating is all about, right? Opening each package under the tree one at a time, hoping that once all of the wrapping is gone, at least one of the packages will be worth all of the energy you put into unwrapping it. 

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