Vintage & Modern

Thrift your way into the 20th century.

Written by Erin Shildmyer

Dressing modern threads with a vintage flair can be a style that’s easy for anyone to explore. Incorporating just a few basic pieces into your everyday wardrobe can create a classic, retro-inspired look.

Accessories are a simple way to do just that. A fedora, which made a huge headwear statement between the 1920s and ‘50s, generates a pop that can make anybody stand out in a crowd. A ‘80s square knit tie or ‘60s style floppy hat will wow even the stalest crowds. Women can also utilize luxurious carpetbags, which have been complementing stale outfits since the 19th century.

Everyone needs shoes, so find some vintage ones that make a statement. Throwing on a pair of Oxfords, popular through the ’20s to ‘50s, shows that anyone has a great sense of style. Also try introducing leather jackets into your outfits, made popular by James Dean in the ‘50s; or a stylish dress for a woman, made popular by Twiggy from the ’60s.

Don’t know much about the looks of previous decades? Add some retro jewelry from any of them. Men can also add a story to any piece with an oversized or unusual belt buckle.


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