Voices: 21 year-old-baby

Where are you going? Out. What are you doing? Nothing. Who will you be with? Friends. When will you be home? Later. My snotty, one-word answers aren’t good enough for my overbearing mom.

Of course, everyone has been asked those questions growing upparents need to know what their kids are up to. Yes, the interrogations were always annoying but as you became an adult, your parents loosened the reigns. Mine didn’t.

I’m almost 21-years-old and I still live at home. In part, it’s great because I have it very easyI don’t have to pay rent or cook. Yet I’m desperate to get out of here. Why? It’s the questions and the fact that I’m still treated like a baby.

I get it, I’m the youngest kid and the only one still living at home. But this legal adult can’t take it anymore. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but when I’ve always been responsible and never gotten in trouble, why can’t I do something without my mommy knowing? I’m pretty boring. I don’t want to be questioned every time I leave the house.

It’s for her peace of mind, she says. Oh, and if I get murdered, how will she know where to look for me if I don’t tell her my plans? Wouldn’t you agree it’s a bit over-dramatic?

I realize that I probably sound like a whiny bratstill living at home with a mom that does so much for me so I should simply answer her questions about what I’m doing. However, it’s something that drives me crazy and pushes me away from home.

It’s more of a privacy issue, because I’m fine with telling her what I’m doing when I offer it up, but not when it’s being forced out.

For now, all I can do is put up with the questions and keep fighting with my mom about how it’s not a big deal when I walk out the door. Maybe we’ll come to an understanding, but probably notI’m her 21-year-old baby.

Story by Chelsie Hollis

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