Winter Night Out


Winter seems like the time when the whole world closes up shop. If you don’t look hard enough,

it seems like there’s nothing to do — especially for romantic nights out. You might have to get creative, but there are more date options in the winter than you

might think.

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows has been creating a winter wonderland since the 1970s and is the perfect chilly date. Driving through the thousands of Christmas lights is breathtaking, and afterwards they have activities like s’mores and more. The Way of Lights display is open Nov. 18 through Dec. 31.

Forest Park’s Steinberg Skating Rink offers ice skating for

the more adventurous. The ice rink is surrounded by beautiful scenery and the feeling of the holidays. Admission is $7 and skate rentals are $6. The rink is open November to January, 10 a.m. to midnight. This is the perfect date if you want to bundle up and try to impress your date with your skating skills.

If you want a totally free date and there’s fresh snow on the ground, opt for sledding or painting the snow. Painting snow is a fun DIY activity that involves spray bottles of food coloring and you spray it on the snow to make pretty watercolor “paintings.” While everyone has an opinion of where the best sledding hill is, you can’t go wrong with Art Hill as it’s one of the steepest in St. Louis. If you do go, be prepared for the crowds.

Winter may be a hard time for dating, but there’s more than meets the eye. Say goodbye to the winter blues and enjoy your night out.

Story by Emily Klein

Photo by Jess Wright

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