How YouTube Tutorials Changed My Life


The beauty of learning everything online.

Written by Alex Wilking

There are times when looking good really matters. Between watching too many episodes of MTV’s “Catfish” and finding the perfect outfit, it’s difficult to be ready on time if something goes awry. Luckily, YouTube is here to help, and the concept of sharing videos has reinvented how the Internet benefits the lives of everyday people. Whether a tie needs fixing, or hair needs a little more poof, there’s a video tutorial to quickly solve the problem and keep the day moving.

A YouTube tutorial is simply a video of someone explaining how something is done or how something works. For example, how to tie a tie or remove a mustard stain from slacks. Accompanied by visual instructions, these tutorials can quickly become a lifesaver. If it exists, there’s most likely a video on how to do it properly.

For men, there’s a great assortment of videos to help them look sharp. Especially for winter styles and clothing. Twelve different ways to wear a scarf? No problem. Tips for finding the perfect hair gel? It’s there. There are even videos on how use mustache wax correctly, in case that comes up. Tutorials for making sure the average male feels confident and looks good will span pages of search results.

The large bulk of video tutorials stem from keeping women fashionable and stylish. These videos focus on specific traits for women’s nails, hair, makeup and so on. Since most videos focus on one technique alone, the amount of tutorials for women is quite large. How to wear your eye shadow in 17 different ways, the best techniques for painting your nails striped blue and how to execute a spring braided flower hairstyle. Don’t know what that is? Well, rest assured there’s a tutorial on how to do it.

But there’s a trick to finding the perfect video tutorial. Since the idea spawned, thousands of people think they have the best method to do something. Yet the majority of the time, they also have the worst method of explaining it. When looking for a tutorial on something simple, keep an eye on the length of the video. A 10-minute video on something simple isn’t going to relay anything besides a headache. The best tutorials are short, concise and contain a small dose of humor. These traits help the video stay memorable and stimulating.

And it’s in these cases that video tutorials are so wonderful. Within minutes, maybe even seconds, something new is learned. In this technological age, it’s just a push of a button away. There’s an instructional video for just about all trends and styles, or at least someone sharing what they think is the best method.

So next time a big event is coming up, know that YouTube is there to help everything go smoothly. Just don’t outright forget to buy the outfit.

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